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I Seemed To Sense God Reaching Out To Me

My previous life didn’t have much room for God in it. I had broken 7 of the 10 commandments without really giving it that much thought. My life was mostly shallow and selfish. I excused myself by helping people out when I could and doing the odd bout of charity work. I was always aware that I should be giving something back it was just that it wasn’t being given to God. The only time I went running to him was when I was scared and then I would pray for him to get me out of the mess I had got myself into.

I think the change started during my marriage breakup. I was very muddled, confused and lost but I seemed to sense God reaching out to me and resolved to think about Church seriously when my life had regained some order.

After meeting Rob he asked me if I would consider going to church with him. We thought about this for a couple of months and with the help of Rob’s long time friends, Jane and Paul Archer, we decided to come to New Life, then joining Phil and Mary’s already running Alpha course in the autumn of 2006.

Everything I heard and felt told me that committing to Christ was the only thing I could do but still I held back. For months I swayed back and forward but something in me had changed, the mucky jokes no longer seemed funny, I didn’t want to get involved in gossip and the character assassination I heard seemed so cruel. I slowly knew what I had to do and here I am.

Since my commitment to Christ I now realise what a sinner I am and I am always asking for forgiveness. I know my prayers are answered and I am being led in very subtle ways.

The fellowship I experience from all here and indeed in all like-minded churches we have visited is wonderful.

I am a very immature member of Christ’s family. I have a long way to go but having taken the first steps on the ladder I am keen to climb.

Pamela Blann

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