Personal Stories: Maggie Ennis' story

The Warmth With Which I Have Been Welcomed Has Given Me A Lot Of Encouragement

As a youngster, like many of my friends, I attended church without choice. It was just a way of life, and I didn’t pay any heed to it.

In my teens, again like many others, I went my own way and church did not feature in my life, but I always remained a believer.

A casual remark in the New Life coffee shop one morning caused me to attend an Alpha Course, which incidentally happened to begin that evening. Initially I was very slow to gain anything from the course other than an increase in knowledge, but I was later to discover that it was invaluable.

Through joining Alpha I joined New Life congregation, finding this style of worship a little alien after my previous church experience, but I stuck with it and gradually found myself not only coming to terms with it, but actually enjoying it. I also joined the Gilberts’ home group which has had a tremendous influence on me.

The warmth with which I have been welcomed into New Life has given me a lot of encouragement in my search for Christianity, and as a combination of all these things I have been led to tread the path to Jesus, and the reason I am being baptized tonight is to cement my commitment to Jesus and to open my heart even wider for Him. And what better day to pick?

Maggie Ennis

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