Personal Stories: Jade Warner's story

I Needed Someone Who Would Be There 24/7 ….. God

Jade Warner expressing her Testimony at New Life Church, Durrington on 24 September 2006.
Hi, my name is Jade and I’ve been attending New Life Church for five years. I wasn’t brought up in a Christian background, my Mum has no strong beliefs and my Dad is a Buddhist.

When I was five I started attending Girls’ Brigade because we saw a poster advertising it. Girls’ Brigade was the first place that I heard about God, and then when I was eight I started coming to New Life with a school-friend because she made church sound fun.

Around this same time, my Dad left and it really hurt, because it felt like our family weren’t good enough. I needed someone who would be there 24/7, and that was when I turned to God. Friends and family are great, but I needed a permanent companion.

A couple of years ago on Girls’ Brigade camp, I prayed for my Mum when she was having an operation. I was so scared, and that is when I really invited Jesus into my life.

I know He’s always there for me.

At a church service Graham made it so clear why I should be baptized, I love God and I want Him and everybody else to know how happy I feel knowing how much He loves me, no matter what I say or do.

Jade Warner

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