Personal Stories: Robert Williams' story

I Felt A Wonderful Warm Glow All About Me, And A Distinct Softening Of The Heart

Born between the two world wars Robert Williams became a Christian after serving his country in the armed forces, and attended church regularly for the next half a century, yet it was not until the autumn of his life that he felt the power of the Holy Spirit within.

“I was born on Lord Astor’s Estate at Hever on 2nd December 1931. My name is Robert C. Williams and I attended Sunday School at Hever Church with my two older sisters.

“We were issued with a stamp each week to stick in a book of prayers & bible readings to record our attendance. The vicar, I remember, had scant regard that he was teaching five and six year olds, and the result was that most went over my head.

“Then came the war, causing a lapse in attendance. Falling shrapnel and other dangers making it too dangerous to be outside most of the time.

“Next came National Service, and we were marched to church each Sunday. Initially I objected to this, but soon found I enjoyed being at church and looked forward to going. This, I think, was the beginning of my journey to become a Christian.

“I continued to attend church on a regular basis for the next fifty years, being confirmed at the age of fifty-one. I thought at that time quiet solemnity was what I wanted from religion.

“Since moving to Worthing and finding New Life Church I’ve realized that to worship God is a glorious and happy occasion, so it was with little persuasion that my wife and I decided to attend the ALPHA COURSE FOR SENIORS.

“What a revelation this was; our first experience of new ‘one-to-one’ preaching in a clear and easily understood way. Questions that had built up in the mind over the years were explained so professionally and clearly.

Robert Williams

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