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I Gave My Life To Him That Night, And My Life Changed Forever

As a reporter on the Shoreham Herald I was sent to review a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at Lancing College.  It was a great performance but I left the auditorium that evening with more than just an article to write up.

I knew at that moment as I watched the crucifixion scene that this was for real, that Jesus had died on the cross for me and it was far, far more than a story from history, brilliantly acted by those young actors.  I gave my life to Him that night, and my life changed forever. 

The most important change was the shift in my priorities – some things that had seemed very important to me no longer had such a hold. I started going to church, lapped up the teaching and enjoyed singing and worshipping the Lord. I was young, keen and threw myself into Christian life.

That was 25 years ago and some years later, I am sorry to say life took its toll on my faith.  There were two major tragedies in my life, through which I knew God was with me and was a source of great strength and comfort, but when my marriage broke up  it was the final straw.  I stopped going to church and God kind of slipped out of my life.  There is no excuse for those wilderness years, I turned my back on God, it’s not that he left me. 

I didn’t exactly make a success of it on my own and some five years ago plucked up my courage and pride and went to a service at New Life church. It felt just like coming home – I found peace within again and have felt the amazing grace of the God who forgives freely and completely.

The little verse I learned in Sunday School JOY= Jesus 1st, Others next, Yourself last is so true, and is the way I try and live my life.

Karen McGrath

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