Personal Stories: Rob Blann's story

It Is Clear That God Has Had A Hand On My Life

My story starts in the mid 90s when I had a severe breakdown. For years I had been leading an extremely busy life -- exceeding the very limits of my physical and mental endurance. And it was during a meeting with Paul Archer, my long-term friend and accountant, that I confided in him that I was finding it difficult to carry on.

Paul then suggested I try going to a small church in Durrington with him on Sunday evenings. Over the course of the next few months I went to New Life, and also had regular discussions with Graham Jefferson during the week as well.

But when I realised my symptoms had very slowly begun to ease a little I foolishly stopped going, thinking that I could continue to improve without using the church as a prop, which is how I misguidedly saw it at that time.

As a result my partial recovery was short-lived.

It was not until 9 years later that I met Pam, and then in early 2006 we started a life together. We spoke about the possibility of going to church and discussed religion, a subject to which she was very responsive and amenable. Some months later, following discussions with Paul and Jane, we started coming to First Light.

As Pam and I have become more involved with the church we have come to believe that God must have had a part in bringing us together, in order that we may get closer to him. We have made many friends within the church and enjoy the love and fellowship that this brings.

My life now takes on a more meaningful purpose as we continue on our spiritual journey, praying that one day my health will be restored. It is clear that as I reflect, God has had a hand on my life, and I look forward to a deepening relationship with him in the future.

Rob Blann

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