Personal Stories: Jerald Malamba's story

African Orphan’s Mission To Rid Country Of AIDS

Jerald Malamba is a born again Tanzanian gentleman leading Nationals and Students initiative to Educate on HIV/AIDS and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of his passions is to raise leaders and mentor students and young people all over East African countries and later the world.

Many have often wondered who Malamba is. Mr. Jerald is a powerful young man of God who has dedicated his life to mentoring young people in East Africa, especially in Tanzania, and pre-teens as they struggle with tough decisions in today's difficult world.

Jerald has great passion for progression and forward movement; and strives to empower and push each person he meets towards their destiny. Certainly, his second name is fitting, as many consider Malamba, African name meaning "Hope", and attest to the "Showers" of blessings they experience as a result of his wise counsel in ministry.

“I was born out of wedlock and became ignored by the second father, a life that led me to be adopted and lived a miserable life of loneliness in a strange family. I wanted to belong to father but never fitted in, and mother passed away from HIV/AIDS, leaving me in a harsher and darkened life.

“In my youth, I had a friend who shared with me the word of salvation and taught me to believe in Jesus as my only father. I admitted the words spoken to me by my friend. No matter how hopeless I felt, I accepted to give Jesus my life.

“This happened when I wanted to commit suicide after I saw it meaningless to live in that kind of situation. After I had given my life to Christ, I got many friends who could continuously advise and teach me the word of God. Being under the love and protection of Jesus Christ, I grew up with a vision to go all over the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people.”

Living in the presence of God made him develop love and compassion for people, especially the HIV/AIDS infected people. He has been visiting hospitals and prays for the sick; and he uses most of his time mobilizing Pastors, youths and local leaders to form partnership and look after the infected people.
“I never wanted others to lose their beloved ones from AIDS like I did, and this made me go round Tanzanian Schools, teaching and preaching the good news to them. Since I started this project, many people have turned to Jesus, and hundreds of people got education concerning HIV/AIDS awareness.”

Jerald is currently organizing youth campaigns: he visits Churches and starts project hope programs; and trains leaders to teach others the HIV/AIDS awareness of immorality and the benefits of a spiritual life.

Jerald is married to his beloved wife Lydia. God has blessed them with two children, Reagan (6) and Junior (4). Lydia is also an orphan, brought up in an orphanage in the northern part of Tanzania. Jerald met her when he used to visit the orphanage for prayers.

Jerald left his job when he decided to serve the Lord, and now the whole family depends on the small business his wife has, selling vegetables in the local village market to sustain their family of 11, while Jerald goes to different parts of the nation sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching people about HIV/AIDS awareness.

He has seven younger sisters, who share the same mother but have different fathers, These seven were left alone when the only mother and their father died of HIV/AIDS.

“In spite of the economic challenges I face, God gives me opportunities to continue to transform people. I looks for ways to meet my present goals while retaining the capacity to meet my future vision and mission, knowing that I can trust God to provide for that future. I look for methodologies and defined principles that will create long term growth movements of ENGAGE HOPE MINISTRIES in Tanzania and in Africa.

“I boldly challenge people to drop every excuse, shame, or doubt they may have and determine to make the commitment to live a fearless life, starting today.

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