Personal Stories: Kolade Bolorunduro's story

I Now Had A Change Of Attitude

Kolade Bolorunduro was born into a religious family in Africa but didn’t experience the Holy Spirit until junior high school days. Although it changed behaviour it was a while before worrying stopped about peer pressure.

“I was born into a Christian home, so I’ve known God all my life.”

Going to Sunday services was fine but that was it, nothing more. “Although I knew God and went to church regularly, it was to me more of a traditional thing, something we just did on Sundays.”

A change of school worked wonders for Kolade. “I got converted when I was in junior high school in Nigeria.”

“At this time I was quite young and had no real experience of what life really had to offer, but I still noticed some changes in my life.”

“I noticed I now had a change of attitude because I used to have a very bad temper.” and sickness ceased to be feigned at test times. “I also noticed I stopped falling ill whenever an examination was around the corner, like I used to.”

Not only at that young age but also years later it was looked down upon to be religious. “But at that age, and even now, most people don’t regard a converted Christian as very “cool”, so it kind of affected my “reputation”.

“But I thank God for making me realize there is no point in trying to impress people that don’t really care about you, and that I was better to impress someone who actually cares for me.”

Kolade Bolorunduro

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